Master Wang Zhi Peng was born on the boundless grasslands of Inner Mongolia, where he studied martial arts from famous masters since his childhood.  He has studied Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda, Taiquandao (Tae Kwon Do), Yi Quan (Dacheng Quan), and other true combat forms of kung fu.  In 1996 he took as his master Mr. Li Heng Chang, an outstanding student of Wong Shun Leung, chairman of the Wing Chun Athletic Club in Hong Kong and a contemporary of Bruce Lee.He has studied Wing Chun up to the present day.  Master. Wang has served as a coach at the Yan’an School of Martial Arts, the president of the Wing Chun Society of Xi’an, and the head coach of the Xi’an Wing Chun Training Center.  During his time as a teacher, he has accompanied students to many competitions of various types, receiving excellent marks.His accomplishments have been the subject of special television reports on sports channels in Shaanxi and Beijing.

Master. Wang moved to Beijing in 2000 and worked as the personal bodyguard of Wu Yinqiang, the chairman of the board at Shengdiwei Jewelry Co., Ltd.  In 2002 he was invited to perform for and teach Wing Chun to the troops of the Hainan Province Military Police.  In 2003 he was invited by a scout battalion of the People’s Liberation Army to give instruction on Wing Chun methods.  From 2004 to the present he has been the technical consultant to  In May of 2006, he was invited to teach at Cambridge Tae Kwon Do in England.On May 2, 2007 he accompanied students to compete in the Mixed Martial Arts Tournament of China, where one of his students won a championship and another won a second-place finish in separate events.  On July 25 of that year, National Geographic came to China to film for their Kung Fu series, which featured Wang Zhi Peng and Wing Chun students atop the Great Wall of China and further elevated awareness of Wing Chun in the West in a series called ‘Human Weapon’.

At the end of 2008, Master. Wang collaborated with a domestic film company, serving as the kung fu director for the martial arts film IpMan.  He is currently the general manager and head coach of Beijing Huangpu Institute of Wing Chun and Beijing Sheng Long Wing Chun Cultural Development Company.